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The next issue, DEBATE Issue 7, will include the following topics:

1. Energy Security: Implications for China and Australia, by Robert Pritchard. Robert Pritchard is one of Australia’s leading energy lawyers. He examines the threat posed by energy shortages and the need for a new economic environment to deal with the increasing demand from emerging countries particularly China and India.

2. A Forum for the People of Australia, Peter Shergold. Peter Shergold is the former head of Prime Minister and Cabinet and the originator of the idea of a people’s forum. He makes the case for a broader examination and discussion of complex policy issues in an extra-parliamentary context as a way of enhancing democracy.

3. Peacekeeping-Australian Intervention at its Best, Tim Ford. Major General Tim Ford was the head of UN Peacekeeping at the time of 9/11. He sets out the history of Australia’s involvement in peacekeeping and shows that this is one area where Australia has excelled.

4. A Turning Point for Trade Policy, by John McDonnell. The new Trade Minister Craig Emerson seems keen to go back to the policy framework promoted by his mentor Ross Garnaut. The question is whether this is possible in the current climate where multilateral trade talks seem to be going nowhere.

5. Over-indulgent Health Policy, by John McDonnell. Are we spending too much money on health services where there is no evidence they are worth it? The OECD says we are and that it is likely to send our governments broke. This article looks at the issues from the perspective of financial reform.

6. Book Review, The Debate over Aboriginal History, John McDonnell. This article reviews Washout by John Dawson and 1788 by Watkin Tench.

7. Television Review. Kate Critchley reviews Jamie Oliver’s Thirty Minute Meals and other food programmes.


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